Men's wear

Men’s wear


The men’s wear is part of the “Amazonia” collection.

We are printing the fabrics with patterns and images inspired by the Amazon jungle.

The trousers come in 2 x lengths. Three quarter and full length, this is aimed at the different seasons, warmer or colder climates.

The trousers are structured with style and yet discreet. Ideal for many different aspects of life can be worn for work or going out.

The men’s wear is designed for men by men, adding all the details that men’s wear seems to lack in most shops. All the brass wear is anti -carot and of highest quality so zips will last and not rust. Many of the pockets zip or fasten

The hooded jackets are made from organic baby terry fabric making them warm soft but not flimsy.

We have an exciting range of tank tops and shirts soon to come out, made from natural eco fabrics.